Sunday, November 9, 2014

How things change. . .

. . . when a couple of smart, funny, cute kids "adopt" your business!  Again today, Justin and Nate, our new "volunteers", arrived at Afton Station shortly after we did.  It feels good to know that young people actually, by choice, want to hang out with you.  We've truly been having fun with the boys around on these days of fewer Route 66 travelers.
Nate and Justin raided our mannequin head and wig collection.
We made a big batch of popcorn, and between Betty, Ron, the boys, and me.... we finished it off in no time at all!  Here they are watching popcorn pop, which is akin to watching paint dry.  Hardly a spectator sport!
We had 13 visitors (not bad!), who came from DesMoines IA, Joplin MO, Fayetteville AR, Broken Arrow OK, Indian Hills OK, and Hanover, Germany.
Here are "two cool couples", as they called themselves.  They drove up from Broken Arrow to check out the museum, and they were indeed every bit as cool as they professed to be.  We also greeted a family group (mom, dad, two sons and one daughter-in-law) from Joplin and Fayetteville, and they were also taking advantage of a pretty day to take a Route 66 drive.  The gentleman from Germany is here on business, and he visited our vintage car showrooms once before about 5 years ago, the last time he was in the U.S.A.  He'll be going home next week after several weeks here.  During a number of visits to America, he has been fortunate enough to drive many segments of Route 66.  Although he was good-naturedly teasing us about our 88-year road as it compares to the century-old roads across Germany, he had to admit that he adores the Mother Road and everything about it.

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