Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Bad Day? Never!!

Sue worked at Afton Station on Tuesday, and at day's end she texted me ". . . Only 7 people, but really good people.  I've enjoyed the conversations."   I have to say that her comment is just about perfect for today as well.  Although we had more visitors (13), all of them were good people who engaged us in interesting conversation.  It's just about impossible to have a bad day at Afton Station on Route 66.

Today, they came from Wilmington NC, Wakarusa KS, Rochester MN, Melbourne Australia, Marshall IL, and Bernice and Tulsa, OK.
Suzy (right) and Nancy from Tulsa were visitors once before, on the fateful day that Michael Wallis brought them along with a bus full of tourists to Afton Station, the same day that my back experienced it's mysterious ailment that landed me in the hospital that very night.   Suzy remembered the incident well and how miserable I was, and also remembered that I'd broken my favorite mug that day, so today she returned to bring me a brand new "smiley" mug and the news that since she met me that day in May she has read every word of the seven years of blog entries I've posted since the very beginning.  The ladies are on their way to Branson for a vacation weekend and I hope they have an absolutely sensational time there.
This supremely snazzy 1961 Ferrari Spyder belongs to visitors from Wilmington, North Caroline who are traveling Route 66 taking advantage of a home-sharing club for folks over 50 who open their homes to travelers.  They, in turn, open their own home to folks wanting to vacation in the Wilmington area.  They have stayed with a number of families on this trip and said they have met the nicest people by doing so.
Spirit is a gorgeous rescue Samoyed owned by the truck driver (right) who adopted him 6 years ago and rides in the cab of his semi every single day with him as he crosses the country.  Spirit also sings a mean song when inspired by the howling of humans.  Here, he is meeting a couple from Wakarusa, Kansas who are also doing a little Mother Road exploration.
Our only foreign visitors today were this couple from Geelong, Australia.  Like nearly all of our Aussie visitors, they are enjoying the trip of a lifetime and getting the full Route 66 experience.

Ron M. was with me today and Betty also came for a few hours.  The drenching rain of the morning didn't really hamper any of our guests, and the sun was just starting to peek out by mid-afternoon.  See you on Saturday!

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