Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day Without Pictures is. . .

. . . a day without pictures.  The camera lady was not on the ball.  That's me.  I thought for sure I took a picture of that nice father and son from Dresden, Germany, but when I got home and unloaded the card, nope, no photo.  It was a slow day, so maybe I was in some sort of trance.  At any rate, we did have some photogenic visitors today but you'll just have to imagine how they looked.

They came from Dallas TX, Miller MO, Las Vegas NV, Tulsa OK, and the aforementioned Dresden, Germany.   The Missouri visitor was Charlie Johnson, the generous gentleman who gave us the cash register we treasure so much. It was very nice to visit with him.  Here's a picture of our treasured register which I took right after he gave it to us.  We've use it every day for 5 years, and despite it being over 100 years old, it hasn't given us a moment's trouble.   Thank you, Charlie!  (I should have taken your picture!)
On the way into Afton this morning Ron M. and I saw the sign at the end of a street that pointed toward "The House of Torment".   The sign  had been there for about a week, and so we thought it was time to find out what it was all about.
It turns out that said house is a Halloween haunted house set up by one of the girls' sports teams at the high school.  Here it is.  Looks pretty elaborate with the tents and all.
Tickets are $5, so I assume it's a fund raiser.  Good idea, girls!  If we were ever  here at night, we'd check out the Torment.  
Halloween is fun, and I hope all my readers have a scary, spooky, frightful, candy-filled day tomorrow.  See you on Saturday! (Hmm... I wonder if a goblin stole that picture of the Germans. . .)

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