Sunday, October 5, 2014

Excellent, Eclectic, Energetic

Another great day, and another one that has drained me of most of my energy.   There were lots of Route 66 travelers out enjoying a perfect day (not too hot, not too cold) and those who visited Afton Station seemed particularly energetic today.  We had 29 visitors, and they came from Essex IA, Shenandoah IA, Claremore OK, Miami OK, Long Island NY, Lansing MI, Orlando FL, Wyandotte OK, Stockholm Sweden, Wells England, and Stillwater OK.
This cute couple from Summerset (Wells) England was SO excited about their trip.  He has been planning for years for this very special event.  Although it's not his first time in the U.S., previous visits have entailed working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania where he played the part of a cowboy.  He demonstrated his "cowboy accent", which was... well....not THAT bad!  Now he's looking forward to meeting some real cowboys and even doing a little horseback riding.
This family group from Essex and Shenandoah, Iowa included Little Al, the fourth puppy to receive one of our special doggie bandanas.   
Two couples from Stockholm, Sweden were especially enthralled by the vintage cars.  They do some car collecting in their own country.
This dad, a wounded warrior back from Afghanistan, now has time to spend with his family.  I know how proud his three sons must be of their dad.  The family is from Wyandotte, OK and was just out for a day to reacquaint themselves with Route 66.

It's been a long time since I have been able to photograph any sunrises, but I got off this mediocre shot early this a.m. while going to pick up Ron M.  It was an odd mixture of clouds and haze just pror to the sun peeking over the horizon.

If the photos look odd today, it's because I accidentally left my camera at home and  used my iPhone 5 instead.  Clearly, I need some practice taking smartphone pictures!   Sorry!  

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