Thursday, October 9, 2014

Resting Up

I guess I could say that today was a perfect day at Afton Station to rest up and gather strength for the big weekend to come.  It was a slow day and I would like it to have been busier, but it was pretty relaxing to get some chores done that needed doing and still have some time to goof off.  Since we're having three big groups come to visit on Saturday, I spent a lot of time this afternoon making a big two-sided sign welcoming them.  I'm a little frantic about some long overdue merchandise orders that I'm going to need for the weekend. They just have to come in either tomorrow or Saturday or I will scream and stomp around like a crazy woman.  To add to my nervousness about Saturday is the prediction of a 90% chance of strong storms for most of that day.  That could be detrimental to a very large H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) regional meet which is scheduled to visit Afton Station.  Riding a motorcycle in pouring rain just isn't fun!

Ron M. was with me today and Betty came and stayed for an hour or two.  The weather was perfect, and those who took advantage of it came from Joplin MO, DesMoines IA, Afton OK, Clarksville TN, and Florence, Italy.
The visit from this couple, from the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, was quite enjoyable.  He is a runner, and he spotted the vintage printed program in our showcase for the 1929 "Bunion Derby", the transcontinental footrace held to celebrate and publicize the opening of Route 66.  We let him thumb through the fragile program and told them how to get to the statue of Andy Payne down the road in Foyil.  Andy was the winner of the grueling race, quite an amazing feat since he was just a young man from an Oklahoma farm racing against some of the finest professional runners in the entire world.  Our visitor from Italy was very interested in hearing all about the race.

The couple from DesMoines, Iowa consisted of  a retired veterinarian and a volunteer in an animal shelter so I gave them a few of the doggie bandanas for their own pups.  She asked me for the contact information about the nice lady who made the bandanas so she  may communicate  with her and perhaps order more.

Stay tuned for my weekend reports.  They should be interesting!  

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