Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun Runners

Well, the Fun Runners weren't running, but they were fun!  That's the group from Lake of the Ozarks who visited us at Afton Station today.   Indeed, their mode of transportation was far more impressive than running shoes, so we were very excited when their parade of nice vintage cars appeared cruising down Route 66 and coming to a stop in front of the Station.
Check out some of their pretty rides.

Some of the guys admired our '34 12-cylinder Packard, while others shopped.

 Ron M. was with me as usual today, and our very special guest was our friend from Tulsa, Joe Meeks.  I like his visits because he is enthusiastic about meeting all the folks who come to visit.  Of course, there are always quiet moments, and this pic catches Joe in one of these.   After checking out the menu from  "Nowhere on 66", the great BBQ place down the street, he treated us to lunch, delicious pulled pork sandwiches on ciabata bread.  
Betty came in for a while and helped out as she always does.  And of course we had other visitors, too.  They came from St. Louis MO, Bartlesville OK, Bernice OK, Kansas City MO, Wichita KS, Springfield MO, Athens GA, and Grove OK.  Our first visitors of the day were these two fine folks from St. Louis.

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