Friday, November 2, 2012

What's Happening on Route 66 in Tulsa

I just took a little ride around Tulsa to check up on a few Route 66 happenings.  Here's what I found.  The statue down at the Cyrus Avery Bridge has been installed, both parts of it.  They're still doing a little work around the area, but the two parts of the bronze are in place.  When you look at this photo, remember that the statues are larger than life.  I love this work of art, and I'm amused by the concept behind it... Cyrus Avery and his family in the car meeting up with horses and wagon, horses frightened by the fairly new concept of motorized vehicles.  (This photo shows more detail if clicked to enlarge.)
Not too far from the bridge,  the Route 66 rotary is finally open.  For about a year, this corner of Elgin and 11th St. was closed during its construction, and the detour was quite inconvenient for Route 66 travelers.  People tend to resist the rotary concept, but having lived on the East Coast for many years, I'm used to it and appreciate it.   There's another rotary on Route 66 in Tulsa on the Admiral alignment at Mingo, and another one nearby in Riverton, Kansas.  Call it what you will -- rotary, roundabout, traffic circle -- I think it's going to make going through the intersection a great deal easier and safer.


Josh Friedrich said...

I'd love go to the ceremony, darn work & family obligations getting in the way! Be sure to get the official USPS commemorative postmark for the event on your ceremony program. I am sure you have a postcard or two that would tie in nicely with Route 66, Tulsa, and Cyrus Avery. Have fun!

Laurel said...

I saw your note on the eGroup, Josh, and I'd be happy to try to get a postmark for you. I'm not sure if they'll have programs, but I'll get it on an envelope if I can.

Anonymous said...

First time I went through the new traffic circle the car ahead of me was up driving on the inner circle.