Saturday, November 17, 2012

As Winter Approaches. . .

It seemed strange to get back to Afton Station after six whole days.   As it turns out, the first thing Ron M. and I found out upon arriving there was that not much had happened while we were gone.  There were minimal numbers of visitors, and all of them were local.  Long-distance traveling has apparently faded for the season, so we'll be going to "Open-only-on-Fri.-Sat.-and Sun." for the winter.  
Our visitors today came from Miami OK, Garden City KS, Carthage MO, and Baxter Springs KS.  This couple from Carthage was on a geocaching expedition, but prior to looking for our cache, they came in for a look at our cars.  I believe they were glad they did!
Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker came for a visit, and he took the opportunity to show his ability to turn his feet 180 degrees backwards to one of our local drop-in friends, Scott from Afton.  Dean was on his way to a quick draw shootout in Owasso, OK.   (Sorry for the quality of this photo.  My camera has been having issues with sunlight lately.)
It must be winter!   Tripper is ready for cold weather, with his scarf, mittens, and Santa hat.   Since flipper mittens are hard to come by in Oklahoma, I had to stitch up a pair out of an old Indian blanket last night.  Tripper has lived in our climate for so long now that he's lost his ability to withstand cold temps.  I think this outfit should take care of the problem. 
Christmas is coming quickly to Afton Station.  Here's our little Christmas tree, decorated with the neat fabric Route 66 ornaments fashioned by my friend Susan Yates.  They're available at the Station for $12 each!

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