Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Mixed Bag

Morning:  So quiet and devoid of visitors that Ron M. and I were able to catch up with the reading of a gigantic pile of magazines and catalogs which have accumulated on the table at Afton Station.

Noon:   Betty W. came for a visit and it was a very pleasant way to break the maddening silence of the morning.

Afternoon:  Travelers arrive!  Not many (6), but truly great ones!   First came three women on motorcycles from the Women in the Wind group from Tulsa.  We've met several of these ladies before, and they're always fun to talk to.

Next came this gentleman from Salem, Oregon traveling with his adorable pup Piney.  Bruce is working in Kansas for the moment, but his home is in Oregon.   He was out and about today, learning a little bit about Oklahoma Route 66.  I sensed that he'll be doing a lot more of it soon!
 Finally, an energetic and charming couple from Midland, Michigan  helped us close our day.  Bud loved the cars and spent some quality time with them. Rosemary and I yakked and yakked for a very long time, and I enjoyed every word of it.  By the time they left, I felt like Rosemary was an old friend.  They're veteran travelers and are soon to visit N. Dakota, the last state left on their "been to" list.  For this week, they're staying in a condo at Grand Lake.
It's hard to believe that I won't be back to Afton until next Saturday.  Unless, of course, I just can't stay away......

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