Saturday, November 10, 2012


I think that the adage "slow as molasses in January" could be changed to "slow as Afton Station in November".  Although we only had eight visitors today, yet another adage applies:  Quality beats quantity.   Ron M.,  Tattoo Man, Betty and I enjoyed the brief but excellent company of folks from Sapulpa OK, Barnsdall OK, Centerville VA, and Ft. Leonard Wood MO.   The gentleman below, from Ft. Wood, has visited in the past, but this time he brought along two friends.  He's a knowledgeable guy who has taken several Route 66 trips and has a great appreciation for the Road.  
Robin and Phil had an equally slow day yesterday.  Although it's to be expected at this time of year, I become melancholy when I think of the long, cold winter in Afton.  Beginning next week, I'll only be there on weekends, but Robin will open up on Wednesdays and Fridays as long as weather permits and travelers are still out there.   We'll definitely be open tomorrow, despite the fact that we're expecting heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Besides being the day to honor those who have served or are serving America in the Armed Forces, tomorrow is also the 86th birthday of Route 66!   Much to celebrate, so you might as well spend the holiday by jumping in the car and driving to Afton, Oklahoma.  There are some mighty nice people there who would love to celebrate with you!

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Beth said...

It's easy to get into a funk this time of year. Hang tough, and spring--with lots more visitors!--will be here before you know it!