Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks. Giving.

I've noticed that several of my Facebook friends have spent the last month expressing, one per day, what they're thankful for this year as we run up to Thanksgiving.  That's fine, but I've decided to save my "thanks list"  and do it all at once on the blog.  As I was organizing my list this morning, I realized that I have so many things for which to give thanks that I've had to categorize and add subsets!   So, lets get started....

On this day, Thursday, November 22, 2012, I am thankful for. . .

My beautiful daughter, Sarah - always No. 1
      . . . Sarah's foot surgeon, who has helped her through her first medical challenge, and who gave her a perfectly repaired right foot.

      . . . Sarah's continued optimism during a tough time in her life

The Dialysis machine, which keeps me alive
        . . . and the wonderful people who treat me at my dialysis facility
      . . . especially Joe, who is the best!

My deceased parents, who somehow instilled in me the ability to be optimistic and upbeat under just about any situation.
Financial security, which allows me to live well and donate to a number of favorite charities.

My friend Ron and his recuperation earlier this year from life-threatening illness
Tulsa, Oklahoma - best place I've ever lived!
Route 66  

Afton Station, the manifestation of my love of Route 66 and my refuge from boredom
      . . .  my incredible Afton Station volunteers, all of whom have become dear friends -- Marly, Phil, Robin,       Tattoo, Betty, Ron M.

The President of the United States
The Internet, which has changed my life in so many ways
      . . . including the hundreds of friends I've made on line 
      . . . Facebook, because it's fun
      . . . the Route 66 Yahoo eGroup


Our local Unitarian Church, which has the courage to offer Sunday services for atheists.  

 Coffee Mate Fat-Free Original, which is my substitute for milk.  Milk was my favorite food until it was eliminated from my kidney diet.   Coffee Mate is an excellent substitute.
My education, which allows me to win a game of Words With Friends occasionally and do a New York    
Times Crossword quickly

The cease fire in the Middle East, tentative yet still holding at this hour
Oysters, beef tongue, liverwurst, dim sum, sushi, and fresh corn on the cob

Margarita popsicles
Hair spray, toilet paper, and toothpaste


Sirius XM Radio

My Nook

All of my dear friends everywhere!

As I continue, I realize that this could go on forever.   There is so much GOOD in this world.   Today is a time to remember all of that good.  Please do so.




Bob Swengrosh said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron. I am so thankful that you provide a daily view of the wonders and travelers along the old road, Route 66.

Ken Riches said...

Happy Thanksgiving Laurel!

Susan Yates said...

Excellent list. Admirable outlook. It's obvious that you're thankful more than just one day a year. Even so, Happy Thanksgiving.