Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Good Things

Here is a photo of the monument that's going up at the Miami end of the Sidewalk Highway.   Obviously, the installation wasn't quite finished, so I hope to travel to Miami tomorrow to take a picture of the finished product.   This photo was taken yesterday by Afton Station visitors  the Katarskis from Escondido, CA.
And,  here's a shot of two guys who visited Afton Station on Oct. 10, and had a great visit with Phil. Jason Patrick, on the left, sent this nice note with the photo.  I was pleased that Afton Station was once again the site of  travelers from different countries coming together to share  their common interest in Route 66.    Jason sent this note with the photo:
"I just wanted to drop a line and say hello and that on a recent motorcycle trip I stopped in at the Station on my way home.  While stopping in to check things out I had the incredible fortune of running into a fellow motorcyclist who had traveled all the way from Germany to be able to ride his motorcycle here in the states!  It was a wonderful visit and we talked with the gentleman who was in the shop that day (the 10th of October) for some time about the old road and road tripping in general.  It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next time I stop in!  Hopefully I will be able to get in one more good ride before it gets too chilly!I have attached to this email a photo that was taken of myself and Volker outside of the Station!  I am on the left sitting on the Harley and Volker is on the right sitting on his BMW.

Thanks for preserving such a wonderful piece of Mother Road history!!"

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Beth said...

Nice marker! The Ribbon Road was one of my favorite things on our trip. Just amazing.

Hey, Rochester is not even an hour south of us! Glad to see some fellow Hoosiers representin'!