Saturday, October 27, 2012


It's not often that Afton Station has visitors from Romania.  In fact, I can only remember one, and that was some years ago.  But today we had the pleasure of meeting this couple, Victor and Corina, from Bucharest, Romania!  Here they are, proudly displaying their nation's flag.   They were a bit taken aback by the sudden cold front that moved in overnight (under 30 degrees when we got to Afton!), but they certainly weren't letting it bother their trip of a lifetime.
As is fairly normal this late in October, all of our other guests today were from closer to home, from Oklahoma, in fact.   They came from Gans, Ketchum, and Jones, OK.  And then there was the photographer from Grove, OK who came with a helper and a subject -- a young man, a senior in high school, who wished to have his Senior portrait taken in front of one of our antique vehicles.  I told them that we'd be honored to be a background for his most important photo.  We've done the same with other clients of this photographer, and we're always happy to do whatever we can for local kids.

Despite the low number of visitors, we had a nice day at the Station, with Betty, Tattoo, Marly, Phil, and Robin all around for part of the day.  Ron M. rode up with me today too, so we had a full house!

In September, we were visited by two lovely young ladies from the U.K., cousins from England and Ireland. Today, I received two notes in my email box, one from each of them.   Both notes were quite similar, but since they were so nice to write, I have decided to publish one here, along with a photo they sent with it.  I am always so impressed when visitors write to me after the fact and tell me about their enjoyment of Route 66!  
  Hello Laurel, I hope this email finds you well.
My cousin and I visited your shop in September, we were driving Route 66. We had such a fantastic time! It was so lovely to meet you! I Absolutely loved your shop! The whole trip was amazing from start to finish!
We had such a fantastic expierence we are planning to do it all over again! Hopefully next  year we can arrange for that to happen.  We will definately come visit you.
 We were so sad when it was time for us to go home. Back to cold weather and sights that just aren't as captivating as route 66. However, It was a lovely surprise to get home and see us both mentioned on your blog. Thank you so much for writing such kind words.
  I've attached the photo we took of the three of us that day.  Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, we most certainly will be back.
 Lots of love,  Michelle (The smaller one from Ireland)

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