Saturday, October 6, 2012

Change Happens. . .

. . . in the wink of an eye.  Such it was when waking up this morning to autumn.  Yesterday it was summer. Yesterday we needed air conditioning.  Today the space heater blasts warm air at my frozen feet.  There was sleet on the windshield as I left Tulsa.  Afton has that dark, chilly, lonely feeling. Closed up tight.  Deserted.  None of the customary wayward souls roaming the streets, never realizing they're on the Mother Road.  The semis continue to roar past, saving their pennies-per-mile by avoiding the big, bad turnpike.  And there's the occasional farm boy imagining himself a NASCAR hottie as he puts the pedal to the floor and urgess his beat up, mufflerless pickup down Main Street.  Not much else, though.  No tourists, either

And speaking of change. . .things got less lonely shortly after I wrote the words above.  Tattoo Man arrived, and so did Robin and Phil, bearing fresh plums from California.   After waiting a bit, a few visitors started to wander in.  There were only 9, and they came from Coleridge NE, Johnson City TN, Bella Vista AR, Parsons KS, and this interesting fellow from Hartford, near London, England.  He's a professional photographer named Martin Smith.  Check out the absolutely wonderful images on his website at  He stayed for several hours, and he told me he travels in the U.S. frequently and for long stretches of time. Here he is, amused by Tattoo Man's etched body.                                                                                                                                                                           
No more loneliness.  I'm at home now, and the clouds are parting a little.  I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow.  I'm not ready for the onset of winter.  Mother Nature, just give us a few more days of fall, please.

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