Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sign Language

Today's Afton Station visitors were exactly half American and half European.  They say that there is an international language, and that is the language of friendship.  True, up to a point.  But dealing daily with folks hailing from other countries has made me wish that we could take communication a bit further than just a smile and a  handshake.  I so much wanted to find out more about the Italian, Spanish,  and German speakers who came through Afton Station's doors today.  Four years of French language study in school really got me nowhere.  The only thing I remember from those classes is how to say "By the way, who are you taking to the Senior Prom?" in perfectly accented French.  I probably won't be needing that any time soon.  In most cases, the visitors know more English than I know of their language.  But today, nobody could understand anybody.  It was still fun, but it could have been more so.  As long as the Route 66 travelers are having fun, I won't worry over it too much.  I'll  just mourn the thoughts we could have shared if we were on the same language wavelength.

There were these very cute guys from Turin Italy, causing me to think that I might be turning into quite the cougar.  Shame on me: I'm old enough to be their grandmother.  But I was taken by their enthusiasm, especially for the postcards I sell.   
 They also posed with Tripper for a few shots.
 They weren't the only visitors from Turin, however.  Late in the day, a young couple from that same town visited.

This couple came from Spain, he from Malaga and she from Melilla, a portion of Spain which is actually on the north coast of Africa, in Morocco.  (I'm learning a good bit of geography from my guests lately!)
 Other visitors came from Bonn Germany, Milan Italy, Springfield MO, Miami OK, and Lansing Michigan.  There were still people at the Station when I left Robin and Phil to mind the store, so depending on how long they stayed, I'm guessing that a good number of folks dropped in after I left.

Tonya and Glenda Pike, important members of the Missouri Route 66 Association, drove down from Springfield, MO to pick up a couple of bundles of the Oklahoma Route 66 Trip Guides to hand out at the Rail Haven Motel there where Tonya works.  All of us in Oklahoma are so pleased that Tonya does so much to help out from afar with Oklahoma tourism!

There was also an enchanting sunrise today, so of course I snapped a picture.

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Trevor Hilton said...

I communicate with some of my in-laws on Faceplant. One of my nieces would love to come visit the USA and see Route 66.
Strange how foreigners are more enthusiastic about 66 than Americans are.