Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There is always much to do around Afton Station, things that could be done on days like today when I barely have visitors and no volunteers to gab with, either.  It's almost lonely here,  a rare occurrence indeed.  I'm awaiting a very large motorcycle group, but it's after 1 p.m. and there's no word from them yet.  Phil took Robin to lunch in Tulsa for her birthday.  Betty dropped in for a while but then had to leave to meet her sister.  I almost always enjoy being alone, that is, right up until I start to feel guilty about just sitting here doing nothing. But today I feel exactly like doing nothing.  I don't have a speck of energy, nor do I feel the slightest bit creative.  I started a crossword puzzle, but Tuesday's crosswords are ridiculously easy and not challenging at all.  I considered doing some creative writing but this is the best I could come up with.  Dusting?  Washing windows?  No, thanks.  I rearranged a few things and took a little inventory.  I yawned a lot.  I drank an Orange Crush, and I don't even like soda pop.  I conversed with a nice lady who tried to sell me a $6000 ad in USA Today.  It took me a while to stop laughing at that.  After that, I daydreamed about being able to afford a $6000 in USA Today.
It's time to go home now.  I've had a total of 4 visitors, and none of them even got as far as the auto showrooms.  Two were lost.  The other two, from Bismark, N.Dakota, had no time to dawdle.  What became of the big motorcycle group?  I'm beginning to doubt the accuracy of my appointment calendar.  Oh my, the day is over and I'm going home.  Rotten day.  Rotten to the core.


Trevor Hilton said...

Psalm 118:24
24 This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

DennyG said...

Rotten to the core, eh? Just like Crabby Appleton.

Laurel said...

I had to look this one up, Denny. I was never a big fan of Tom Terrific, I'm afraid. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurel,
Just wanted to thank you for your hospitality this afternoon. Your place is awesome, congratulations!
From the Canadian guy ;-)