Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Day, Small Time

Rushing this evening, but here are a few words about today.   I was alone most of the day and was swamped with visitors.  This blended family of mom, dad, and four little girls from Muskogee, OK were the first to visit.
 Following them were folks from Grove OK, Gig Harbor WA, Bernice OK, andTulsa OK.

Then, one of my fellow members of the Route 66 EGroup, Karen (aka khicks) and her husband came in. They're from Martin, TN and are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Route 66.  What could be better?  It's always fun to meet someone in person who previously you've only known by an online "handle". Thanks for the visit, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks, and Congratulations!
 T hey were followed by a couple from Beggs, OK   She had family in Afton way back when, and during their visit Betty stopped in and, naturally, remembered all those family members.  I'm convinced that Betty knows everyone who has ever lived in this town! Then came visitors from Buffalo NY, Wichita KS, Venice Italy and Grove, OK.

These two young men from Hiroshima, Japan, in their whimsical hats, had a good look around and took a ton of pictures.   They were cheerful and seemed to be having a great time.
The day finished with visitors from Pittsburg KS, Portugal, Jenks OK, and E. Liverpool, OH.   And now, tired but happy, I'm going to hang out with my daughter.  I won't be in Afton on Tuesday because she and I are taking a little road trip, but I hope to blog about that later in the week.


Beth said...

Wow, things really seem to be booming at Afton Station! So exciting!

Have a wonderful time with Sarah. I'll look forward to hearing about your road trip!

Susan Yates said...

Beautiful day--all the way around.

Mike said...

Karen Hicks had asked for a place to stay not too far inside OK. I told them about the motel across from the old Buffalo Ranch. Did they happen to say if they stayed there?

Midday said...

We just did a drive of (most of) Illinois 66, and, after seeing the nicely restored service stations along the road there, were wondering if anyone knows of any restored (or, for that matter, continuously operating) service stations that still function as service stations? Dixie Trucker's Home comes to mind, but it has changed so much, from what I've read; matter of fact, the gas pumps and everything but the restaurant were closed for renovations when we were just there.
Thanks again for your blog; I enjoy reading where your daily visitors hail from.