Thursday, August 16, 2012


My nose is running, I have no voice, my head hurts, my body aches, my ears are ringing.  Otherwise, I'm fine!  LOL!   It's just a rotten cold, but I don't want it, not with my daughter arriving tomorrow for a week.  However, I will survive.  Today, though, I dragged myself to Afton and was greeted by an immediate onslaught of visitors.  I croaked my way through the day,  up until 1 p.m. when Robin came in and told me to go home.  So, I did.  After some  hot spiced tea, I'm feeling a tad better.  

These fine folks who rode in on two motorcycles from Mocksville, N. Carolina offered me a shot of whiskey.  I should have taken it, but it's been so long since I had any hard liquor that I was afraid it might not have worn off by the time I had to drive home.  Nice people, and a tempting offer.  
A couple of guys from Copenhagen, Denmark were early morning visitors, as were a husband and wife from Western Australia (near Ayres Rock, they said).  Our domestic visitors came from Siloam Springs AR, Grove OK, Houston TX, and Bella Vista AR.   I've  heard so much about Ayres Rock from our Aussie visitors lately that I Googled a photo of it.  Wow, what a lovely part of the country!   It's right in the center of the continent, along the main east/west route.  


Susan Yates said...

Hope all signs of that nasty cold are gone when your special company arrives. Be well and have fun.

Laurel said...

Sarah is here and my cold is still here but we're managing to coexist.