Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Cast Ever

My volunteer, Phil, arrived to Afton Station today with the best cast ever! Since there's not much he can do while recovering from major Achilles tendon surgery, he painted Route 66 on his cast! He identifies himself as someone "with too much time on (his) hands", whereas I identify him as a great artist! I wish you could see the detail on this painting, which was done under obviously difficult conditions. When he finally gets it cut off, I want to hang it in my showroom!

Fortunately, Robin and Phil came and kept me company this morning, because we didn't have any visitors until noon. After that, however, things livened up a lot. This beautiful '49 Hudson Super 6 was driven by a family returning from the Hudson meet in Oklahoma City. Eleven members of the Kansas State Troopers arrived on motorcycles. Traveling on bikes must be near torture in this weather, but they seemed cheerful and as if they were having a good time.

Another honeymoon couple! This time, they're from Spain. I've become very good at spotting honeymooners the minute they walk in the door. Once again, I knew immediately. As with all newlywed visitors, they were very cute and radiated happiness.

Our other visitors today came from Erie KS, Phoenix AZ, and Spring TX. Marly was still there when I left, and I saw some more visitors drive in as I was leaving, so I'll probably have more to add tomorrow.


grump said...

How is the basement????

Laurel said...

Thanks to a couple of great plumbers, a very efficient resto company, and the strong arms of a couple of men I know, everything is fine in the basement. All that's left are the big fans they put down there until Monday. They make a lot of noise, but I don't mind. Thanks for asking!

Trevor Hilton said...

What happened to his tendon? I hope he's okay.
I had an accident on my motorcycle. I'm sitting here with my right arm in a sling. I needed surgery to repair a damaged tendon and ligament.
So I can sympathize with him.

Laurel said...

Trevor! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! I hope it isn't terribly serious, although anything that involves surgery isn't a walk in the park. Please keep me informed about how you are doing.