Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Thoughts

It was a relatively slow day at Afton Station today so I will gather up a few random thoughts I've been meaning to tell you and dump them here right now.

There were only 10 visitors today. They came from Stillwater OK, Grove OK, River Oaks TX, and Friendswood, TX. The River Oaks folks were heading for the annual Packard Meet, this year in Galena, IL. Wish I was going, too!

A very fine artist named Bob Davis dropped in and showed me some of his creations, which are watercolor-like images of old cars, vintage buildings, everything I like. I may have to hire him for a project I've been thinking about for some time. I really appreciate his style. You can take a look at:

Marly has taken it upon himself to make the path between the new showroom and the old one more user friendly. I guess I complained so much about the potential for visitors (or me!) to become tripped up on the big, uneven gravel that until today constituted the path. Marly bought pavers and he is in the process of putting in the proper drainage and then install the flat concrete pavers on top. I'm so proud of him for showing this initiative and solving a big problem.

Reuben and Coleen Tipton arrived bearing corn today! I'm such a pig that I've already steamed a couple of ears and had an early (4:30) dinner. Now THAT is corn! I couldn't wait another minute. Right out of the field, still warm when they brought it to us, and absolutely delicious!! There was enough to share with Marly, Ron M., Betty, and Tattoo Man. Ron M. is still sick, but both Betty and Tattoo spent time with me today. Is there anything better than newly picked sweet corn? Nope, don't think so! Now if I just had a couple dozen raw oysters on the half shell, I'd be pretty sure I was in heaven. The last folks through the door today were these two from Texas. She's studying history and he's with a company that literally rescues airplanes from disasters. As he explains it, he travels all over the world pulling planes out of the mud and other misfortunes. Interesting work, I'll bet.

I guess that's about all for now.


Trevor Hilton said...

Rescueing historic planes! Then I know an airplane museum in Addison, TX called the Cavenaugh Flight Museum that he would just LUUUUV!
Once I was going through it and saw a lot of elderly men walking around. I soon learned that they were some WW2 fighter pilots touring the museum. I even got to shake hands with one of the original Tuskegee Airmen.
I tell you what, I sure heard some stories that I hope get recorded before they're lost forever!

Laurel said...

Actually, Trevor, I'm not sure he rescues historic planes. Mostly, as he described it, he rescues planes that have met misfortunes like getting stuck in the mud. He has what he describes as huge equipment, bigger than a tow truck, that can pull even the largest planes out of "sticky" situations.

I hope you'll record your stories of historic planes. Just do it!