Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drive By Shootings

It must be the heat that has caused so many cars to do "drive by shootings" at Afton Station today. Who wants to get out of the car when it's 113 degrees outside (that's what my car thermometer showed anyway). So, many cars slowed down for photos but didn't come in. Even so, 17 folks braved the torrid temperatures and did come in. They were all happy travelers, and we didn't need to revive anyone.

Since I got home late this afternoon and I have lots to do, this will be an abbreviated post. Phil was nice enough to come and sit with me all day, and even with his leg in a cast, he managed to act as the guide to the two car showrooms. Betty came late in the day and helped out, too.

Guests came from: Springfield MO, Columbus KS, Siloam Springs AR, Grove OK, Sand Springs OK, Alborg Denmark, Skiatook OK, Barody MI, Oley PA, and Luxembourg!

The Logsdons from Springfield, MO are "going all the way" to CA, with a detour to Phoenix. She has a website. Can't wait to find the time to check it out! This happy couple from Siloam Springs, AR enjoyed sitting in the DeSoto. What nice people, and very interested in all of the cars! They especially appreciated Phil's tour of the car showrooms.

More happy folks! These two ladies met on the Internet several years ago and formed a friendship despite one living in Pennsylvania and one living in Michigan. Now, they are embarking on a Route 66 trip from Joliet, IL all the way to Santa Monica!

The folks from Denmark and those from Luxembourg were, as is typical of Europeans, making the full tour of Route 66. Unfortunately, they were suffering a bit from the heat. Nevertheless, they never stopped smiling and exclaimed that they were having a great time anyway. People are wonderfully adaptable.


Beth said...

Just getting caught up on all the goings-on at Afton. What a bummer about your basement! I hope the cleanup went well.

Sounds like you're doing pretty good business despite the heat. Man, that's just crazy...I hope you call get some relief soon!

seedsower1962 said...

it was 112 degrees outside no telling how hot it was back in the show room I was so sweaty but i enjoyed Afton and your place immensely! Phil was a wonderful guide and answered our hundred questions! I am editing the photos I took there and hope to post them on Monday. Thnks for being part of our amazing trip on Route 66!