Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Window Observations" or "Who Uses Route 66 Now"

As I have mentioned, I had very few visitors yesterday, thus I had some window gazing time. Every now and then, I enjoy this. I remember back when only a handful of people knew about Afton Station and I'd go days at a time with nary a visitor. On those days, I'd count tractor trailer trucks, and sometimes I'd even write down which direction they were heading and what company they represented. That's crazy talk, you're probably saying. Ok, maybe. But when I was a kid I'd sit on my front steps and count cars and list their make, model, and color. That was when it was easy, even for a 8 year old girl, to identify all the cars in existence. Not any more, of course. So, I have a long history of staring at passing vehicles.

Yesterday, I watched the passing parade for a while and came up with these utterly unscientific, observations:

An average of 70 tractor trailer trucks pass per daylight hour.

5 to 10 of them are Wide Loads.

Lots of those are carrying wind turbine blades.

Lots of trailer house halves. . .their destiny to become double wides.

More pickup trucks than cars. . . lots more!

Pickup trucks overloaded with "stuff".

Large, brand new John Deere farm equipment.

Pickups pulling travel trailers.

Pickups pulling boats.

RVs covered with mud, fresh from off-roading.

Massive motor homes.

Horse trailers, chicken trucks, cattle heading to market.

Clunkers and junkers.

Balers and trailers.

(Hey, I'm a poet!)

Motorcycles of every description.

Occasional bikes and hikers.

Delivery vans.

A very occasional horse.

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