Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three... Three... THREE Days in One!

I've been quite busy since Monday, so I'll resort to summarization. My friend Judy left today after three days with me. It was great! On Monday afternoon I took her up to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve to observe the gigantic bison herd there. We only saw one small herd, but when they are on the road and gathering around the car, they are awfully impressive. Here's one that wandered out in front of our car as we were leaving the preserve. She was followed by about 50 others. The Tallgrass is my favorite place on earth. I love the vastness and emptyness of it. The car you see in this photo is one of only about 5 we saw the whole day.On Tuesday, Judy came to Afton with me. Ron M. was with us, too. It was a moderately slow day, but because visitors were well-spaced, Judy had a chance to meet and talk to many of them. Our friend and frequent visitor Jon Edwards from Tahlequah OK stopped in and spent part of the morning with us. Other visitors came from Belleville IL, Herlen Denmark, Oklahoma City OK, Jay OK, and Bern Switzerland.

These three Danish men (father, son, and cousin) were handsome and pleasant. They also spoke excellent English and were practicing it by spending 6 weeks in America and on Route 66.
We were also charmed by the carefree attitude of these two. The retired teacher and her husband are embodying the definition of "wanderlust". With no timetable and absolutely great senses of humor, they really cheered our day.
This morning, I drove Judy to Stroud, OK to meet up with her brother and cousin at the Rock Cafe. From there, Judy continued on with them to OKC while I drove home, but not before we partook of some of the Rock's excellent cuisine (I highly recommend the meatloaf!), and chatted with Dawn, the owner, for a while. Dawn was the inspiration for the character "Sally" in the first Cars movie. From left: Marilyn (Judy's cousin), Dawn (in back), Judy, and her brother Loy, in front of the Lightning McQueen cutout at the Rock.

I have a lot of catching up to do today, so I'm off to do it!


Trevor Hilton said...

My cousin who used to run an antiques store (he bought junk and sold antiques) in Grove once published a book about the interesting people he met in his shop. In this blog, you're already taking down your notes.

Laurel said...

"(he bought junk and sold antiques)" Love this description, Trevor! My blog is actually a pretty good diary of what I do each day, but I'm not sure it's interesting enough to be a book. Where was your cousin's Grove antique shop?

Trevor Hilton said...

He had that giant cowboy and an old steam tractor in front of it.