Saturday, July 9, 2011

I won't lie to ya'

Today wore me out! However, it was the best kind of wearing out! Why? An abundance of visitors at Afton Station! Yippee! I got home late, so this will be another somewhat abbreviated post. I know you understand.

At various point in the day, I had the help of Ron M., Tattoo Man, Betty, Phil, and Robin. Nevertheless, the recent busy days at the Station, coupled with getting ready for a houseguest who arrives tomorrow, as well as the cold I've been fighting has taken a bit of a toll. I just need a good night's sleep, I guess.

We had 47 visitors today. Yes, 47! They came from San Antonio TX, Phoenix AZ, Kilgore TX, Pittsburgh PA, Fairfield OH, Fayetteville AR, Christchurch New Zealand, Discovery Bay CA, Natto TX, Chicago IL, and the following towns in Oklahoma: Grove, Vertigris, Morris, Claremore, Afton, Owasso, Purcell, Duncan, Cushing, Broken Arrow, Midwest City, and Oklahoma City. A good sized percentage of the visitors found us through the article about Afton Station in this month's AAA Magazine.

We had more honeymooners visit today, too. Here's the very sweet couple from Pittsburgh, PA who were married less than two weeks ago. It makes me smile when I see newlyweds choose Route 66 for their wedding trips. Super kudos to Marly, who took it upon himself to solve the problem of getting from one showroom to the other without breaking a leg or turning an ankle. He bought pavers and implanted them in rocks and sand. He even put drainage tunnels below the walkway to prevent water flowing toward either showroom. He worked quite late on Thursday to get it done -- and in the oppressive heat, too. Thank you, Marly, so much!

I may be away from the blog for a few days. My dear friend Judy from Orlando, FL is coming to spend a few days with me. I'll bet she thought she was getting away from the heat in Florida. Wrong! My car thermometer read 110 degrees as I drove home this afternoon. We'll have to find some cool activities while she's here. Afton Station will remain open, of course, so come on over.


Susan Yates said...

Laurel, you're really somethin'! You faithfully post a report that entertains and informs us even as you are dealing with a lingering summer cold, getting ready for a house guest, and at the end of a very busy day at Afton Station. Thanks for doing that. 47 visitors, now that's an impressive number on such a hot day.

Don't know if you got home in time to catch Discover Oklahoma this evening, so wanted you to know that Michael Wallis was the guest co-host. If you didn't see it, you can watch the episode on their site:

Laurel said...

First of all, I love that you describe my blog as being entertaining. Sometimes I feel that it's simply routine and boring, but it takes a fan like you to boost my morale when it comes to fretting about what I'm going to write every day. Thanks!

I did see Michael on Discover Oklahoma last night. It came as quite a surprise to me, but he did a great job, as usual.

Susan Yates said...

As a teaser at the end of Discover Oklahoma the week before they'd announced that Michael be on this week but I assumed it would be a single segment interview. What a nice surprise to see him co-host the show--looks like a job he was born to do.

Ken Riches said...

Stay cool this week, and the pavers look great.