Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time, or lack thereof

I was so inspired by the incredibly beautiful sunrise this morning that I started wishing for some free time at Afton Station today so that I could do a little writing. I've been too busy to do anything of a creative nature lately and, sadly, today was no exception. On one hand, I pine for those long winter days at Afton when a lack of visitors provides me time to write, draw, think. On the other hand, nothing makes me happier than a busy day full of friends, old and new.

Today was a typically busy summer day. Marly and Kenny were hard at work on the new showroom, Tattoo Man dropped in for several hours, and newer friend Jon Edwards stopped by. He explains his frequent visits to Afton Station as a function of a "pull" that Route 66 has upon him. He just can't stay away, and that's just fine with us.

What's not to like about someone who brings you fruit? This gentleman, Jack Fanning from Leawood, KS, came in for a visit and left by giving me a gorgeous, ripe cantaloupe. In between, we had a great conversation. What a very nice guy! He's a former Tulsan, but has moved around a lot in his life. I trust he'll come back for another visit soon.
Other travelers who chose to spend a bit of their travel time with us were from Corry PA, Albany OR, Tahlequah OK, Johnson City TX, Chicago IL, and Barberton OH.

I took this picture of "my" corn field this afternoon. If you look closely you'll see developing ears at the bottom of the plants. Shouldn't be long before we have corn! Well ok, not "we". It's not my field nor is it my corn. I'm just its chronicler. :-)
I can't resist one more photo of this morning's sunrise. A riot of color!

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Trevor Hilton said...

I like a pretty sunrise, too. Lim used to wonder why I enjoyed getting up early in the fall to go out to the woods to chase a deer.

Then, when she started walking Hunter down to catch the school bus, she understood why. Even she thought that was the most beautiful, most quiet, most peacful time of day.