Sunday, December 13, 2009

Workin' on the Christmas spirit

Here I am, determined to get into the Christma spirit. I'm not quite there yet. Maybe I need to hear more Christmas music. When I made my annual donation to the Food Bank the other day, the lady gave me three CDs of holiday music, but I forgot to take them to Afton Station today. I still have everything to wrap and get mailed within the next couple of days. Then I can settle back and drink in the true spirit of the season.
This is the first time I've seen a photo of me in my reading glasses. I kind of like it because they hide some of my face. :-)

Meanwhile, it was very quiet (again) at Afton Station. I was so glad that Ron M. came with me today. We had an early visit from a family of four from Wann, Oklahoma, and no other visitors. Well, there was one guy who spent time looking in the window, but couldn't come in because he had to get back to "the little woman" waiting in the car. Betty Wheatley came in briefly but had to rush home to tend to a sick dog. I do hope the little critter is ok!

Betty Baumann, the lady who makes all the beautiful hand-crafted Route 66 things I'm selling at the Station now came in and hung out for a while. I like her. Besides being a wonderful crafter, she's fun to talk to. She set up another small rack of her products and rearranged the other rack.
Betty B. rearranging her wares.

Ron and I left an hour early since visits from more travelers seemed unlikely.


DennyG said...

Here's something that might help with the Christmas spirit. Not everyone will appreciate it but I think you might. Ever hear of cigar box guitars? They're usually home made with three strings and a real cigar box box body. Right now you can download an entire CD's worth of cigar box guitar Christmas tunes for free or listen to them individually online. I only know of this because a local musician has a tune, "The Holly Bop", in the collection. That local musician not only builds her (yes, it's a her) own guitars but winds her own electric pickups, too. Merry Christmas.

Ken Riches said...

I agree with "drinking" in the spirit :o)

Anonymous said...

Adorable pic!

Trevor Hilton said...

Who was that family from Wann? I was raised on a farm in that area. I went K-3rd grade at Wann School, then transfered to South Coffeyville.

Laurel said...

Denny - Love the cigar box guitar album! It makes me want to make a cigar box guitar for myself. Then I'd have four musical instruments I can't play!

Trevor - I didn't catch their name, but the next time I'm up there I'll check the guest book. It was a mom, dad, daughter about 14 and a son about 12 or thereabouts.

Beth said...

Love the Christmas picture! If you find some of that spirit, will you send a little my way? Totally not into Christmas this year, but I'm not all that worried about it.

The Mayo Hotel looks gorgeous!

Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

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