Sunday, December 6, 2009

Number 4

Yep, today was another ZERO day -- the fourth day in the history of Afton Station with no visitors. Well, not really the whole history. During the years when we were restoring the Station and were only open if we happened to be there, and when there wasn't much to see even if someone did drop in, we had many days with no visitors. But this is the 4th one in modern history.

Then again, I did have a couple of visitors, both named Betty. Betty W. stopped by after church and stayed for a while so we could gab. Betty B. came by to show me a few more beautiful things she's made and which she was hoping I'd want to sell. These two ladies made it worthwhile for me to sit in a chilly room on a cold, dark, drizzly day. Even so, I left a little early and I'm glad to be home in my warm house.

Thanks so much to those who have emailed to show appreciation for the video I posted yesterday. Glad you liked it.

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