Wednesday, December 16, 2009

R.I.P. Bob Waldmire

This was taken the first time I met the great Bob Waldmire, back in 1997. We were driving through Hackberry, Arizona on a Route 66 trip in our 1957 Packard Clipper. He greeted us, offered us food, and treated us like we were long lost friends. There's very little I can say about Bob that others haven't already said, and since he passed away this morning, I'm sure there will be much more said about this unique man in the near future. He was an artist, an environmentalist, a conservationist, an adventurer, a historian, a Route 66 icon, and a friend to everyone he met. He will be missed.


Dave McLane said...

My wife and I visited Bob when he was running the store in Hackberry and we were making Actual Life videos to take back to Japan in the '90s He asked if we liked brownies as he was making some in a solar oven in front of store. Meeting people like Bob make traveling a rewarding experience.

A neighbor of ours bought a house in Hackberry and from time to time we visit. The store is still there but Bob hasn't been running for quite some time so it's just a store.

Ken Riches said...

Always sad when a friend or person that has touched our lives passes on. My thoughts to his family and to you.

Trevor Hilton said...

Rest in peace, Bob.

Have fun cruising the Golden Highways in Heaven.

Say "Hi" to Will Rogers, Cyrus Avery, and Lucille Hammons.

Anonymous said...

I hope Scout had enough restraint to refrain from peeing all over his sandals yesterday morning. If she wasn't the first one to greet him, I am sure it was only because an angel with longer legs beat her to the punch.