Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching up

Actually, there's not much to catch up on. I haven't been to Afton since the disastrous "no visitors" weekend, and I've spent my time catching up on Christmas preparations. Yesterday Mar, a fellow member of the Route 66 eGroup who is traveling all of 66 by herself in an RV, visited Afton Station and was greeted and hosted by Tattoo Man. Thanks to Tattoo for providing that hospitality. Today, I'm trying to get together with Mar when she comes through Tulsa. She had indicated that she was interested in talking to women who live on or have businesses on Route 66. That would be me (LOL), so I hope we can find a way to get together.

Here in Oklahoma, we don't have all the snow and storms which seem to be plaguing much of the rest of Route 66, including Illinois, some of Missouri, and the western states. We're just lucky this time, I guess. We do have sub-freezing temperatures, however, and I wore a coat for the first time today.

When I found I could no longer order stickers from my regular supplier, I decided to work on making them myself. That's been such a fun project. I now have stickers available in six different designs, including the Route 66 shield in neon, on black background, and featuring Oklahoma. The sticker paper is quite expensive, but the stickers look very professional, in my opinion. They're available at the Station. I look forward to designing a few more that will be ready by the time I reopen on a regular schedule in February.

Since, as you can see, I'm somewhat desperate for blog material, here are a couple of photos I snapped last week that didn't seem good enough for the blog, but now since I have nothing else, they're starting to look better. Both are taken on Route 66.
This horse barn is within the city limits of Tulsa, surprisingly close to downtown.
Christmas lights at the town gazebo in Catoosa. (I'm not too good at taking pictures of lights at night with my little point-and-shoot.)


Trevor Hilton said...

I look forward to buying one of your stickers to put on my motorcycle helmet.

This saturday and next saturday Guthrie has it's "Victorian Christmas Walk". The citizens dress up in 19th century costumes and walk around downtown. We went last year and enjoyed it. A woman singing in front of a store grabbed my son, Hunter, and started to dance with him. My camera battery went dead right then. We need to go again so I can get the picture this time.

Anonymous said...

The trick to shooting lights in the dark is to crank up your ISO as high as it will go, open up the aperture as far as possible, and then use the highest shutter speed you can get away with.

Anonymous said...

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