Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kicks at age 66

It was an excellent day at Afton Station today -- plenty of visitors but no mob scenes. The lovely weather has continued to extend the "travel season", and just about every traveler had a comment about the balmy day. Betty and Tattoo were both here to help out in the morning, making it a very happy day.

We had 16 visitors, most of them from Oklahoma, but several from farther afield as well. They came to us from Auckland, New Zealand, Olanthe KS, Columbia IA, and Miami, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Nowata and Sand Springs, OK.
This couple is celebrating their mutual 66th birthday by traveling Route 66 in Oklahoma, and the clever shirts made by the wife commemorate their trip. Very cute! (They have nice faces, too, but they chose to show the backs of their shirts instead.)
Route 66 friends Jim and Becky Buck stopped by. They used to have a wonderful Route 66 store in Sapulpa, specializing mostly in model cars, t-shirts, and Route 66 books. I was a frequent visitor there until they closed the store several years ago. Since that time, Jim has recovered completely (thank goodness!) from cancer and is looking healthy, although he said it was a long siege of chemo and radiation. Good to see you well, Jim!
I took the long way home and enjoyed having my windows open and watching the sun sink in the west. Back to Afton tomorrow.

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