Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Geese over the Casino

I felt lucky to catch this shot out of the car window as I was passing the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel this morning on my way to Afton (on Route 66, of course). The geese are flying south, I assume.
A bit earlier, there had been another beautiful sunrise.

My day at Afton Station started on an interesting note. A couple walked in and the guy was wearing a University of Kentucky t-shirt. Since that’s my alma mater, I excitedly exclaimed “Oh, you’re from UK!” Not even close! The couple was from Norway! Furthermore, they own a huge museum outside of Oslo. It consists of 25,000 square feet of American automobile memorabilia, petrobilia, and Route 66 stuff he’s been collecting for 24 years. Very remarkable, to say the least. I was absolutely blown away by the pictures he showed me of his place. He sponsors what appear to be very large car shows twice a year, and I’m always amazed by how many European folks have beautifully restored American iron. [It was a little difficult to plow through all those Norwegian language sites, but I managed to find a few pictures of Mr. Bendiksen's museum online at http://tinyurl.com/ybbmtll. You'll need to scroll down to "Visiting Bendix Supercars" to see them.]Thank goodness Betty came to spend a few hours, because the rest of the day was pretty slow. Some people came in from Foyil, OK and then a very nice crafts lady from Jay, OK who wants me to consider selling her crafts here at the store. She’s going to bring them in to let me have a look next week. The day came to a close with a visit from a family of three from Knoxville, IA.

The local sheriff spent the morning pulling people over for speeding in front of the Station. Since most people drive through town much too fast, I consider this a good thing. However, a warning to any Route 66 travelers coming through in the future -- stick close to the 35 mph speed limit in Afton or you might have an unwelcome, unscheduled stop.


Trevor Hilton said...

Some pretty cars there in Norway. As soon as I saw the black Trans Am I immediatly began humming "East Bound and Down" by the late Jerry Reed. Does that mean anything?

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, is my alma mater. I met my wife there.

Betty B said...

I'm the "Nice Crafts Lady from Jay" What a compliment.. I will be there on 11-17 with my goodies. Can't wait to visit with you again.