Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horse Creek

First, here’s a picture of the damage to one side of the Horse Creek Bridge on Route 66 in Afton, just three blocks from Afton Station. It doesn’t seem like much, as damage goes, but will they be able to rebuild it to look like the old portion of this historic concrete bridge, one of the few left on Route 66 that has pedestrian walkways on both sides? I’m troubled by this. The other side has similar damage, both the result of a jackknifed tractor-trailer last week.

The rain should be here any moment. I got to Afton about an hour early, and that’s where I am now. My laptop and thumb drive are allowing me to write my blog while I’m here and carry it home with me for posting later. The skies are dark and ominous and I predict (along with the local professional prognosticators) a long day of rain and general ugliness. That’s ok -- we’ve had two full weeks of gorgeous weather, so it’s our turn. I will be picking Ron M. up at the airport late this afternoon, so I’ll probably be leaving Afton a bit early today.
Well, I practiced my flute for a while, but didn't have a single visitor. There weren't even very many cars on the road. It's really ugly outside, chilly and rainy and dark. Betty came for a while and brought me some turnips. Yum! Finally around 1:40 I decided to leave. I haven't left that early in ages, so I'm filled with guilt. But I got home in near record time, and now I can relax a little before heading for the airport. Sorry there isn't much to talk about today.
Thanks so much to those who answered by plea for feedback on my blog. I appreciate knowing that many of you are still around. And thanks especially to Sharon for the flute playing tips. I think I've got the breathing down now, but I still have trouble covering the holes completely. Note to self: Cut fingernails!

My cozy corner at Afton Station. Nice place to sit and play the flute on a rainy day.


Beth said...

Sorry it was such a quiet day, but sounds like you got some stuff accomplished!

What a shame about the bridge. They do amazing things with renovation, so I'm hoping they can do the same here.

Ken Riches said...

Sorry it was a slow day, but glad you got home at a really good time :o)

Sharon in NC said...

I really don't think you'll need to cut your fingernails. Position your fingers so that the meaty pad of your finger covers the hole...your fingernails will simply hang off the edge.

Left hand on top 3 holes, right hand on bottom 3 holes. Your thumbs will help you balance the flute. Use a light touch, not a death grip and all will be well. Have fun!!