Sunday, November 1, 2015

Things To Show You

Here are some things to show you.
This is a sneak peek at a huge sign I ordered to put above the big windows of the showroom.  It is 16 feet long and made of sturdy and heavy metal, so it will have to be put up by several people in tandem.  Can't wait until this is project is done!   Don't miss the unveiling. . .soon, I hope!
I love the colors and angle of this photo of the Station.  Ron M. took it while he was on a walk around town today. Nice work, Ron!
Ron also walked past what is probably the most unique house in Afton.  It's a big Victorian which has a lot of quirky touches not visible in this photo, plus an interesting back yard behind a big fence.

Meanwhile, I was greeting guests who came from Vinita OK, Cassville M,  Joplin MO, Brownsville TX, Moore OK, Toronto Canada, and Yuma Colorado.
Early this morning, this group of biker friends came for a visit on their Harleys.
These Canadian folks, from Toronto, are going as far west as they can on Route 66 before their vacation time runs out.   I hope they make it to Santa Monica!

Well, we made it through another week but the rate of visits from travelers is diminishing quickly.  We will probably close completely in December and January, but we plan to keep the doors open and the lights on for most of November.  For some, it's the best month of all for road tripping.

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