Thursday, November 12, 2015

Super Six

It's that old "quality more important than quantity" thing.   We had six visitors today, a paltry number compared to our summer numbers, but there was certainly nothing paltry about the guests we did have.

Ron M. and I, joined by Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones, greeted those six people with open arms.  They came from Cuba MO, Manchester England, Norman OK, and Israel.
This handsome gentleman from Israel is in the States to pick up his son who is about to graduate from Oklahoma University.  We were impressed that he wanted to make part of  his time stateside taking in the joys of Route 66
This fellow from Norman, OK is also taking some time off of his work to do a little Route 66 exploration.
The folks from Cuba, MO are truckers who, despite living in their own vibrant Route 66 city (1 mile from the Giant Rocking Chair in Fanning, in fact) decided to check out some Oklahoma 66.  And the two gents from Manchester, England are traveling the whole road from Chicago to L.A.  

In all cases, we were glad to be open for our guests.  So many shops and attractions have already closed for the winter that we find people grateful to have us there and open for business.  Remember, however, that we too will close for December and January, so if you feel like visiting us you should plan to come in the next two weeks.

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