Saturday, November 28, 2015

Small Business Saturday

Despite Afton Station being a small (very small!) business, I wasn't expecting much traffic today.  It was one of the more ugly days, weather wise, that we've had lately -- very cold, windy, rainy, and bleak.   But we warmed up the Station, turned on the lights, and made it as comfortable as possible.  Betty arrived to spend most of the day with Ron M. and me and, by the way, brought us jars of her home made plum jam.  (Yum!)  Robin also spent a few hours with us and we had a nice time.

We also had eight visitors, which is about eight more than I expected.   They were all delightful, interesting, and brave to face the unpleasant weather.
These folks came from Norman, Oklahoma.  They were just taking a little ride on Route 66.  The fellow on the right told me he once had a 1936 Packard in his back yard, but it was there for so long that it was pretty much of a wreck, especially after goats climbed on top of it and collapsed the roof!    :-)
 This lovely young family moved back to the area from California recently to reconnect with their Oklahoma roots.   It's very good to hear that is a priority with younger folks now. She is from Erick, Oklahoma, which is on Route 66 on the far west side of the state, and in fact she was a personal friend of the famous Harley and Annabelle Russell of Erick, who had entertained and amused Route 66 travelers for years in their Sandhills Curiosoty Shop until Annabelle passed away about a year ago.  
From Hazel Green, Wisconsin came this couple searching Route 66 for items for their extensive collectiton of gas pumps and other petrobilia.   We had a great conversation with them about the TV show "American Pickers", one of my favorites.  They have personal knowledge of how the show is produced exactly, and I learned a lot, both good and bad, about how the program is put together.  Interesting!

We'll be back tomorrow for our last day before Winter Vacation (December and January), but remember, if you're coming our way all you have to do is call a bit in advance, at least a day if possible, and we'll arrange for a private opening for you.  918-284-3829 or 918-382-9465.
My dining room, all set up for Thanksgiving dinner.   We had a quiet but very satisfying time and leftovers abound.

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