Sunday, November 8, 2015

Less Energetic

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was energized by the beautiful fall day at Afton Station.  Today, not so much.  I'm tired.  It was a fine day at the Station, but now I'm more than ready for rest. Therefore, I've decided to formally reduce hours and so I  hung this notice on the door as we left today.
I have mixed feelings.  I fully realize that we will miss some travelers at the beginning of each week, but  there just aren't that many travelers out there anyway, and we sincerely apologize to any whom we do miss.

Today, for instance, there were only 8 visitors, which is way down from usual weekend numbers during the summer.   Our visitors came from Hillville VA, Dallas TX, and Tulsa OK.
These friends from Dallas are spending a few days at Grand Lake and chose today to explore a little of Route 66.  I hope they decide to come back again soon and continue their travels on the Mother Road.

Ron M. and I will be back at the Station on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Robin will be working Wednesday and Friday.  Feel free to phone if you'd like us to do a special opening for you.   But be sure to call well in advance so that I can arrange for someone to open  up

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