Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eh. . .

I'll admit it wasn't the most spectacular day ever at Afton Station, but none of them are ever terrible.   Today, it was gloomy and drizzly, we greeted only 9 visitors, sold a big $1 worth of merchandise (a postcard) and  I got caught coming home in a big, crazy Halloween parade they have here in Tulsa every year (I should have known better. . .).   The good points were that those visitors we did have at the Station today were great, we got some cool new shelving, and on the way home it was kind of fun sitting in stalled traffic for a half hour watching all the little kids in their costumes parade past.  For everything annoying, there is always something wonderful.  That's how I see the world.

Our visitors came from Newport Beach CA, Hamburg Germany, Bartlesville OK, and Hominy OK.
Our German visitors were here to attend a huge car show in Las Vegas and chose to get there via Route 66.  Good for them!
 And here are a couple of the Bartlesville folks, out for a Saturday drive on the Mother Road.

In other news, David brought over this very neat piece of shelving which works well for our T-shirts and makes us look a little more like a grown-up store.  
I spent some of our copious free time making magnets.  Some are on the magnet board now, and others will go on tomorrow.  We have some new designs now, too.
Yesterday, when Robin was working in my absence, a former visitors dropped off this great homage to the Palmer Hotel across the street.  Love it!  A nightly rate of $2.  Those were the days!
Finally, in honor of Halloween, Robin left "Puss 'n Boots",  her pet kitty skeleton, with us for the day.  This thing not only looks pretty horrifying, but lets out blood-curdling screams when motion activated.  A great touch for the holiday and to scare our poor guests to death!  I'll try to get a better picture of Puss tomorrow.
That's about all for now.  Back tomorrow with further news.

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