Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just In Time For Winter

We have some new merchandise at Afton Station, and we really love it.   Take a look at this nice knit cap and think about how warm it would keep your ears during a motorcycle ride down Route 66, or while sprinting in and out of all the great stopping places along the Mother Road on one of those 5-degree days.   Come and get 'em!
We had an interesting group of visitors today.    This woman from Plymouth, Wisconsin just graduated from farrier school in Oklahoma and is now qualified to shoe horses. She said it is a very sought after occupation these days, as not many people study the art.
This family from Verdigris, Oklahoma was lured here by their little 2nd grade son who has decided he wants to decorate  his bedroom in Route 66 things.  It's so great to know that the Route 66 "bug"  has hit someone so young!  They bought a few items for his room and we made sure he knew how proud we were of his interest in the Road.
Here are three Canadian friends, two from Toronto and one from Prince Edward Island.   I was interested in hearing about the new laws affecting crossing the border to and from the U.S.  It's much harder now than it was back in the 70s when we used to cross frequently.  For one thing, you can't bring Canadian cheese into the U.S.  any more.  What?   We are being deprived of some of the finest cheese in the world!
Two friends from Eau Claire, Wisconsin are traveling together, something they  have been wanting to do for a long time.  They found some space for signing on our wall which is quickly filling up.  When the walls of the work room are full, we're not sure where we'll go from there.  Oh dear!
And there were more old friends traveling together, this time from Wheaton and Oswago, Illinois.  They  said they'd been lost a couple of times in Missouri but we assured them that sometimes getting lost can lead to the most interesting finds.  They agreed!
Other visitors came from Florence KY, Plymouth WI, Nashville TN,  and Fairland, White Oak, and Claremore, OK.

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