Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hello Again, Christian!

Christian, a fellow from Germany who has visited Afton Station several times and reads my blog every day, stopped in again today with his friend, the same man he was with the last time.  They are doing a little Route 66-ing again and it was very nice to see them.  Although from Germany, they work in Massachusetts  now.  They were able to stay for a while and chat.   Since we forgot to take another photo of the visitors, I'm repeating the one I took the last time.
Other visitors today came from Portland ME, Gorham ME, Ontario Canada, Pratt KS, Alva OK, Clarksville TN, Tulsa OK, Syracuse NY, and Oklahoma City, OK.
I like to see mothers and daughters traveling together.  Here's mom on the left from Syracuse, New York, and daughter from Oklahoma City, OK.  Hard to tell which is which, isn't it?   A very pretty pair!
We had a doggie visit today.  Shown  here with her devoted parents from Alva, Oklahoma is Pepper.   Pepper and his family are driving a portion of Route 66.

That's about all for today.  Back on Saturday1

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