Sunday, November 29, 2015

Help Solve This Mystery

Who does this truck belong to?
When we arrived at Afton Station this morning, this white Chevy S10 sat in our parking area.   It has "Boots Court" magnetic signs on the front doors and Illinois license plates.  We were excited to think that maybe one of our Route 66 family might have left it there in order to take a sightseeing walk around town until we arrived, but when we left this afternoon hours later, it was still there.  It's not a problem at all, but my curiosity is killing me!  Who can it be?  The gals from the Boots?   Ron Hart?  But why the Illinois license plates?   If it's yours, feel free to keep it there as long as necessary, but please let me know who you are and if there's anything I can do to help..

Another cold, windy, dark, and damp day kept some folks away but not all.
A very nice family, including almost one-year-old Jack came for a visit.  They're living in Tulsa now, but she was born and raised in Catoosa.
Also from Tulsa is this woman who visited with her son from Portland, Oregon.  He's a "car guy" and happens to be restoring a Packard from the '50s, so  he was particularly interested in some of the minute details on our cars.
This gentleman is also a car collector, and has had many and varied makes in the past.  They also hail from Tulsa.

We cleaned up the place and got it ready for it's long rest.   We'll be closed all of December and January except for potential private openings for those who let us know in advance.  Please don't hesitate to call and make that request.


Anonymous said... abandoned truck mystery! It's not me, but now I'm curious too.


Laurel said...

Solved! One of the owners of the Boots Court left it there because she had a malfunction. It will be there for another week. It actually belongs to her sister from Illinois, which explains the license tag. I had a nice chat with her on the phone, letting her know that it was no problem whatsoever for her to leave it there as long as necessary and maybe I'll have the pleasure of meeting her in purpose some day.

Anonymous said...

Just as you suspected. Always nice to find the answers to a mystery.