Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Clubhouse

I think Afton Station is turning into sort of a clubhouse.  We all seem to congregate there on Saturday even though we're not open!   Today Ron M. and I drove up,  not planning to stay very long (same intentions as last Saturday), and eventually Marly, Phil, Robin, Michael Scruggs, and Tattoo Man all showed up, just to hang out for a while. We ended up staying almost all day.  It's a nice way to spend a Saturday, I must admit.  And as long as we were there, we were happy to open for the few travelers who passed by.   Our three visitors were a couple from Burleson, TX and a gentleman from Tulsa, OK who is at the lake with his newlyweds daughter and son-in-law.  All were quite impressed with the car collection.   I would have enjoyed having more visitors, but on a winter day three isn't bad, and these were especially nice people.

While there, Marly was kind enough to rub a bit of gray paint off of the fender of my car which accidentally had a slight encounter with my neighbor's fence a few weeks ago (ahem).   Thanks, Marly!  Michael Scruggs brought me some more examples of his nice black and white photography, and we discussed the possibility of him having a small show in one of our showrooms this summer.   Phil will be leaving for California to visit his parents in a week or so and may stay for as much as a month.  Robin said she would be happy to work at the Station during the week of the big BassMasters Classic at the lake, which is expected to bring thousands of people to the area.  Although the largest fishing tournament in the world is the reason for the event, we feel that some folks who aren't actually out on boats might enjoy a trip to visit a car museum, so we'll be open the weekend of Feb. 22, 23, 24.

And there you have it.   The news of the week.  No photos, however.  Sorry.

NOTICE:   A woman came to the Station today to ask us to publicize an activity that's coming up at the Buffalo Run Casino, which is in nearby Miami, OK, on April 5-6 of this  year.  Since it might interest some readers of this blog, I'll start talking about it here.  It's a going to be a big sale/show of Retro Signs and Advertising Materials!   Sound good?  Here's the website so you can find out more as the date approaches:    


Susan Yates said...

Good to see a posting today and nice to know it was about a pleasant day with good friends in your favorite place. Weather like this must make you feel that it's almost time for the Station to open for business.

Trevor Hilton said...

So you're forming a gang!?!? What do you call yourselves?