Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mr. Smith Goes to Tulsa

A Route 66 friend and photographer, Martin Smith from the U.K., came through Oklahoma on a Route 66 trip last month, but unfortunately I was unable to meet him in Afton because I was still recuperating from my hospitalization.  I was so sorry not to be able to see him again.  He did go to Tulsa,  however, and was able to enjoy an evening tour at which time he took some quite beautiful photos.  There are a few here, and more pictures of his Route 66 trip are viewable and available on Facebook at:

 The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
 Downtown Tulsa
The famous and historic Cain's Ballroom in the Brady District of Tulsa


Susan Yates said...

Thanks, Laurel, for posting these photos of Tulsa and the link to Mr.Smith's site and FaceBook. I'm sharing them with friends around the country and in the UK.

Laurel said...

Susan - I realized that I was remiss in not mentioning that Smith is from England. He's one of the many Europeans who is fascinated by Route 66, much like your friends from the UK. He's quite a photographer, isn't he?

Susan Yates said...

Yes, Mr. Smith's work is remarkable--all good remarks! Don't worry, I knew he was British before sending his site to my friends in the UK--I read it on his site that you linked. So, see, you provided the information after all. The Churchills read your blog, but I have several other friends in the UK who are not necessarily 66 fans--yet. I'm working on them. I sent them Mr. Smith's blog posting about Tulsa and the photos of downtown at night and his site's URL. I've already heard from one who is happy to know about Mr. Smith's work.