Monday, February 25, 2013

Loose Ends

I'm always impressed by the number of excellent photographers roaming Route 66.   I was very disappointed that I was unable to be at Afton Station last Saturday, Feb. 16 when a group of shutterbugs from the Photographic Society of NW Arkansas came for a visit.  Marly was kind enough to give them a good tour and all 16 of them set up their tripods and clicked away.   The results are quite wonderful!   So far, I've only received permission from one of the photographers, David Stowers, to show his photos  here.  Here are two of them.  To see more of David's work, go to  He tells me he hasn't posted all of them  yet, but here are two of them.   To see the work of others in the group, go to and click Galleries.  It will lead you to the photos taken by all the members of the group on their Route 66 tour.  

 Now, here are some shots from a bad photographer -- me!   The first is the stained and leaded glass window hanging made by Robin and given to me for my birthday.  It represents three jumping blue whales, and it's really very pretty.  I love the cobalt blue glass.

 This summer, a group of producers from the Jerry Springer Show toured Afton Station on another day when I wasn't there.  Robin gave them a tour, and they must have very much appreciated her hospitality because the other day she received a package with two t-shirts from the show enclosed.  She gave me one of them for my birthday, and here it is!


Susan Yates said...

If you wear the Jerry Springer shirt people will think you've been on the show, so you better be thinking up a good story to tell.

The leaded glass is lovely.

Laurel said...

Love the t-shirt, but no way do I plan to wear it. For one thing, it's too small. Also, I could never be on Jerry Springer's show because I never got pregnant at age 14 by my cousin's grandmother's uncle. Ha ha....

Yes, Robin is getting very good at her art glass projects.

Trevor Hilton said...

Jerry Springer Shirt? People will think you are a dyslexic, bi-sexual, left-handed, trans-sexual who's in love with their uncle's, cousin's, aunt's, father's, nephew's brother.

The glass looks great. Could they make some colored glass for my Church?