Monday, January 28, 2013

Progress as Promised

Slowly but surely, Tulsa Route 66 is coming alive -- the restoration of the Cyrus Avery Bridge, the East Meets West sculpture, the Interpretive Park on the east side, the Interpretive Park on the west side, and other less obvious enhancements along 11th St., Southwest Blvd., Admiral Place, and other smaller alignments.  

This sign went up today, with news that the intersection of 11th St. and Yale Ave. will be the next point where work will be done to enhance the Route 66 experience in this city.   From what I've heard in the news, it will include Route 66 shields in the pavement and a Route 66 clock tower, among other things.  It appeared that work has already started on a small scale.  It's so nice to know that Tulsa has embraced its historic connection to Route 66 and that travelers will have much to see when they roll into town.  A committee I sit on is also preparing a map/brochure to explain it all and help folks find their way through this historic Mother Road city.


Susan Yates said...

Hip, hip, hooray!

Anonymous said...

Says they are supposed to be done by June. That will be some fast progress.