Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Quickie

 After a reasonably quiet Sunday at Afton Station, we actually got to close up and leave at a reasonable hour this afternoon.  Therefore, I thought I'd have plenty of time to write a blog that would be a little bit meatier than just a list of the origins of my guests.  But immediately after I stepped over my threshold, I got a call from the man who is making the new Route 66 t-shirts I ordered a few weeks ago to sell at the Station. He's coming through Tulsa shortly and wants to deliver them to me.  This is a mixed blessing.  I can't wait to get the shirts, but I was sure hoping for a very quiet evening at home.  Also, I have to make this another quick blog post. 

A mere 12 visitors managed to pull themselves away from the lakes and rivers on this gorgeous (but hot) Memorial Day Sunday in Oklahoma to take a ride on the Mother Road.  They came from Fairdealing MO, Amato AZ, Miami OK, Peoria AZ, Grove OK, and Wichita KS.  Only the gentleman from Amato, AZ is planning a full 8-state Route 66 trip.  Others were doing parts of it, or were just checking out the local charms of our Road.  Dennis, our friend from Pittsburgh, KS also dropped in for a bit.  Ron M. was with me and Marly, Betty, and Robin all were there today, too.  

I forgot to take photos today, so on the way out of the driveway Ron  M. snapped this pic of our "neighbors", the shaved ice shack and the new building made from two joined truck trailers.   It's just amazing to me that on a 90-degree Memorial Day weekend near a lake, the shaved ice people remained closed all day.  They could have sold a ton of the cold, refreshing snack!  As for the gray "truck" building, eventually it is supposed to be a restaurant.  I do wish they'd hurry up and finish it.   We so badly need a good cafe in this town!  But things move very slowly in Afton, Oklahoma.

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