Sunday, May 6, 2012

Abbreviated Again

Another abbreviated posting here, as I continue to enjoy my daughter's company.  She leaves early tomorrow morning.  Boo hoo!   We will go out for one more dinner this evening, though.
Another quiet day at Afton Station, with only 10 visitors.  It was an extremely hot day, too!  Betty started off the day by bringing me these gorgeous roses from her garden. 

Our visitors came from Spring TX, Zurich Switzerland, and Stillwater, Sand Springs, and Oologah, OK.

This couple from Switzerland has spent two years doing Route 66 research for this trip.  They are traveling Route 66 for 66 days, as this is their 66th birth year, and they plan to wind up at the Grand Canyon, where they met 33 years ago.  He seemed to know everything about Route 66, including recent openings and closings that even some locals don't know.  Amazing!
This couple from Oologah, OK was our last visitor of the day, after which Sarah and I closed up and headed for home.  
 Oh yeah, here's Sarah during one of our down times in the morning catching up on the news.

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