Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My daughter Sarah is visiting for the week, so I don't really have much time for blogging. And yet, I still want to let you know the stats for Afton Station today.

Lots of visitors. . . coming from Bristol TN, Paola KS, Oak Grove IL, Dayton OH, Blanchard OK, Marietta OH, Chickasha OK, Springdale AR, Mesa AZ, and good ol' Afton itself.

Mike and Sharon Ward stopped by on their way home to Arizona from the Festival. Jon Edwards stopped in to give me yet another of his excellent CDs (he's a great musician). Betty W. hung out for a while, as did Tattoo Man.

The guys poured the floor of the new showroom today.
And the corn in "my" field continues to grow.

Sarah and I are taking a little trip tomorrow afternoon and Thursday. We're exploring Talimena Drive (Talimena Scenic Drive in Oklahoma and Arkansas) and checking out the town of Krebs, OK (Krebs, Oklahoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) where a settlement of Italian folks insures that the Italian fare is top notch all over town. Marly will be minding the store, so please stop in and see him.

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