Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Day Party

Ok, I have all these pictures of the party I threw yesterday to celebrate the arrival of 2010, and I'd like to post them here on my blog. On the other hand, I'm feeling guilty about the "vacation" from Route 66 and Afton Station which the blog has been taking these past couple of weeks. However, since most of the people who were at my little party are well-known on Route 66, I'm using that as an excuse to post the photos anyway. (Rationalization at it's best.) I had a great time, and I hope the others did, too. We just sat around and drank, ate, and chatted. Can't beat that for a lazy New Year's day gathering.

I had hoped to get up to Afton Station tomorrow (Sunday), and I still plan to go, although predictions are for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Let's hope it's just a dusting. All this snow in the state of Oklahoma is creeping me out!

Here are some of the folks at the party:
Michael Wallis, LaSandra Nickson, Emily Priddy

Marian Clark, Suzanne Wallis

La Sandra Nickson, Brad Nickson, Me (my best side), and Ken Clark in the back Ron Warnick, Emily Priddy, Marian Clark
Bruce SmithThis photo, of the delicious and colorful black-eyed pea "Texas Caviar" dish contributed by Ron M. just won't rotate no matter what I do, so you'll have to look at it sideways. Even sideways, it looks pretty and tasted great!

All photos by Ron M.


Ken Riches said...

Sounds like a nice way to start the new year :o)

Unknown said...


What a good start to the New Year, you had a "All Star" line-up attending the party. My question - I don't see any party hats or noise makers...

Laurel said...

No noisemakers or hats because that's for New Year's Eve, not the day after. The day after is for jeans and t-shirts and relaxing and talking.