Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Public Restrooms?

What? No public restrooms at Afton Station, where "Cleanest Restrooms In Town" is our motto? Well yes, but just for a short while. David let me know that the outdoor pipes to the bathroom are frozen. He's taking care of the problem, but I didn't open the Station today anyway. The below-zero wind chill kept me away. Too cold, and probably no visitors anyway. If there's some improvement in the weather by Saturday, I'll be there. I'm sick of staying home.
Today the sun was shining brightly in Tulsa, despite the deep freeze. I spent several hours in the car just enjoying the brilliant day, and it certainly helped my dumpy mood. I did a little Route 66 cruising to Sapulpa, but didn't see anything that I haven't already photographed. It was a lovely trip, however.


Beth said...

Heehee, love the picture!

Sorry to hear it's such a downtime at Afton, but it sounds like this is pretty typical. Things will pick up before you know it!

LOVED the Deco pics!

Looks like a great group of people at your New Year's party! Hugs, Beth

Anonymous said...

I assume you realize that I expect to see a similar ice sculpture at the next Ya-Ya party.

Unknown said...

Laurel, Sorry to read about the water pipes at Afton Station, it great that David could take action on this problem. Is this a common problem with weather conditions in Afton, OK. Here at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri this is the coldest that it has been in the nine years of us living here. Gravois Mills is down in a bowl, so we get missed by most of the bad weather events (snow & ice) here in central Missouri. But the weather conditions did make for a good day to completely clean the kitchen (Yes, even the oven) after Robin did the Christmas baking. Well, stay warm in the coming days.

Trevor Hilton said...

No bathrooms?

Ain't you got no trees around that place?

Laurel said...

Beth -- Yes, a slow winter is to be expected.

Emily -- It could happen. I have a connection in the ice sculpture biz.

Bob -- It's 14 degrees right now, with an end in sight next week.

Trevor -- Well, I suppose people could "go" outside, if they wanted to freeze their *** off! :-)