Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extremes in Tulsa

Extreme Makeover weather has come to Oklahoma. Well, actually both! Those of you who are familiar with the ABC reality show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" know that it involves going to various towns in the U.S., choosing a deserving family, and in the course of one miraculous week, demolishing their house and rebuilding a beautiful new home for them. I've always been fascinated by the speed with which the homes are built. I was skeptical for a long time, but having followed the progress of another one of the homes built in this area, I know that there's no TV "magic" involved. They really DO build, decorate, landscape, and furnish a whole house in seven days. Amazing.

This week, Extreme Makeover is building a house for a Tulsa family, and the house happens to be less than a half block off Route 66 (11th St.) and easily within view when driving past. Ron M. had signed up to be a volunteer helper, but due to the huge response, apparently he wasn't chosen, so we decided to drive down and check things out today.

Since we have a BIG ice storm arriving today at just about the same time that first day filming was to begin, we found out they've pushed back the actual filming until tomorrow. Nevertheless, there was plenty of activity going on at the site today. The big "Move That Bus!" bus is there, lots of people milling around, and of course lots of roadblocks and police presence. But we managed to take a few pictures on the fly driving past on Route 66, and I'll try to get some more photos as the week progresses.

The bus that brings the "stars" to the site.
People gathering at the house to be demolished.

In the meantime, wish us luck. The ice storm is predicted to be pretty severe. I'm not happy! If I don't lose power, I'll be posting updates.


Unknown said...

Laurel, I am glad that this show has picked your town for a make over. Robin and I have watched this show many times – the question we always ask each other – Who pays the added property tax bills for the new home and who helps the families with up-keep and the higher utility bills, etc….

Ron McCoy said...

Bob, often they give the folks cash to help with expenses. I believe I read that in this makeover the family will be given $50,000.

Ron McCoy said...

Laurel, I believe they have changed their mind and have decided to proceed with the makeover today.

The family was surprised today and here is a link to their story:

Laurel said...

Ron -- Thanks for giving that information to Bob. Yes, they often pay their mortgage and give them a substantial check for expenses.

Yes, they went back to the original schedule, but I can't imagine those poor volunteers out there overnight in this sleet/ice/rain, since they work round-the-clock. I'm trying to keep abreast of new developments.

Ken Riches said...

How cool to get a chance to see it up close :o)

Anonymous said...

Tell me that wasn't a Craftsman house they were knocking down....

Laurel said...

No, Emily, it's the brick one next door that's being demolished. But, speaking as the owner of a craftsman bungalow and a huge advocate for the preservation of the genra, from what I can see of that craftsman house I'm thinking maybe it needs to be demolished, too. It's in really terrible shape and I'm not sure of it's ability to be salvaged.

Debi said...

Laurel, I checked your great blog, of course, after you contacted me through mine, and found the info on Extremes.... What a small world! My niece is one of Ethan's teachers.
Even though I now live in Michigan, I love these cool connections to my home state. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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